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I’m a cycling BEAST this week! Cranking out some SERIOUS miles. 117 so far, this week. Should be able to add another 20 to that in the next 2 days. Maybe more. I’m trying to rest up though for our big Sunday ride. Hopefully, we’ll hit 60 miles. Can’t wait.

This is my 2nd best week EVER on my bike. My best week was back in July of 2008 when I rode in my first “24 Hours of Booty” event. I covered 223 miles that week, with 201 of them coming in 1 day.

This year, if I can pull off a 300-mile day, I will have bragging rights for a LONG time.

Yesterday’s ride was one of my best ever. I was really (really) tired. My legs are feeling the affects of 117 miles. So, I had plans to just go out and casually ride 10 miles. (5 miles out, 5 miles back.)

I started my ride slowly. Really slowly. Unnaturally slow. I usually jump on the bike and start at 16 to 17mph and continue that pace until I finish.

Not yesterday. I was riding at 12-13mph. No crazy heart rate going on. I was actually enjoying the ride. I rode my first 6 miles like this. I was loving the pace. Hills were easy, and the straightaways were just plain fun.

Around mile 7, it “clicked” and I picked up the pace. My warm up was over. I still didn’t go crazy. I wasn’t out to prove I can pull any type of high average. I was out SOLELY to put miles on my bike.

I finished up my ride, still comfortably breathing. I rode 16.3 miles and astoundingly, I still pulled a 16.0 avg. I was shocked.



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