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Yesterday, I got out for a quick 10.5 mile ride. The weather was sunny and 75. Perfect, right? Usually so. Not yesterday. Wind gusts of 40mph were all around.

I still decided to go out for a ride. My only change was that I kept telling myself to ignore my speedometer. Speed didn’t matter today. What mattered today was that I was ON the bike. I knew with the wind that my average would be VERY low. With that in mind, I suited up and went out with the sole intention of actually ENJOYING the ride. I tried to focus on the current scenery, not the finish line. I listened for things all around me. Cars, animals, airplanes, etc… I started slow. I didn’t wind myself out the 1st two miles.

I was 4 miles into my ride and truly enjoying it. (I think having the wind to my back definitely helped me in the start….)

Knowing that as soon as I made the turn to head back home, a wall of wind was awaiting me, I still managed to enjoy my ride. I stuck to my plan. It was nice. I scrapped my normal riding plans of getting in a quick time and good average.

When all was said and done, I still pulled in a respectable 15mph.

Bill and I rode another 14.29 miles this morning. My legs are tired. It’s a “good” tired, but still tired.

Tomorrow is a day of rest. I’ll ride again on Thursday.


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