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November in the Carolinas is a wonderful time of year. The afternoon temps hover in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. Pure heaven. Crisp, blue skies greet you each afternoon. There’s a breeze that just wakes you up each time it hits you. The leaves start to change colors as the days begin to shorten.

My favorite time of year.

Biking-wise though, November is the realization month that my cycling will be slowing down. If it weren’t for the miles I ride each morning into work, I would be accumulating next to nothing in the miles category.

As it stands though, I’m on pace to hit about 900 miles this year. If I can find some weekend time to get out on my Cannondale, I could possibly hit 1,000 miles for the year.

This morning was a mental fight to get on the bike. I’m tired. It’s cold in the morning. Not bitterly cold, but cold enough to force me to find “layers” to wear as I ride into work. Too many sweaters, jackets, gloves, etc….

I already miss the warm summer mornings where I could just jump on the bike and ride.

It’s getting cold.


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