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Charlotte NC is having one of the coldest winters in over 33 years. How do I celebrate that? I decide to ride my bike into work (short distance) each day during this cold snap. We’re talking temps in the teens. Dry, super dry air. Air that hurts your lungs it’s so cold. Air that stings your skin after a few minutes out in it. Air that has every Tom, Dick, and Harry scurrying for a hat, gloves, and the heaviest coat a Southerner owns.

I’ve racked up close to 23 miles in the 6 days of 2010 so far. Nothing monumental, I know, but I’m loving the cold weather. As I’m out riding, I can mentally picture all the commuters in their warm, cozy, heated cars saying, “That guy is NUTS!” Yes, I am. I’ll take it. 🙂

I have always been a bit jealous (and mad at myself) when I see early morning cyclists, or joggers out and about regardless of the weather. “If they can do it, surely I can to,” I would always say to myself. Temperature, schmemperature! It’s only a number.

This week though, it’s a very SMALL number.

So, I’m on a goal this month to ride in EVERY day to the office. If I can ride in 16 degree weather and make it in, I have NO excuses when it’s “ONLY” in the 30’s or 40’s.

I have set the bar high and have left myself little “wiggle” room for excuses as to why I can’t ride in.

Mileage for 2010 should be pretty good.

Besides, once you’re numb, the cold air doesn’t really bother ya…. 🙂


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