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APRIL = 200 MILES and 5.5 lbs LOST

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April’s been a good month. I hit my stride by getting back on the bike. It feels good. I rode 200 miles this month. It’s been 8 months since I’ve totaled that kind of mileage. July of 2008. I rode 323 miles that month. 201 of them came in the 1 day “Booty Ride” for charity.

I am hoping for 250 miles in May. Shouldn’t be out of reach. It’s warming up. I’m getting out more in the morning, and with Kelly’s play ending, I’ll have a few night time opportunities to ride. Yeah!

I’m hoping Bill can join me for some of these rides. He’s transitioning to some new jobs, so his schedule is a bit hectic. I know he’ll miss riding, so I hope he can join me a few mornings.

I got out this morning for 11.3 miles. I cranked out on some tunes as I rode. Had one of my best averages (for riding in the neighborhood) I have seen in a while. I really pushed myself. The music helped.

I’m striving to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. If I stick to it, I can do this. Riding will help.


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