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It’s warming up down here in the South. Amen. I’ve been dying to cycle more. I rode 105 miles in March. I’ve done that mileage in 1 week before… (1/2 a day before, actually….)

Anyway, it’s 105 miles. I’m creating a self-imposed “get off your ass” month for myself. I’m going to cyle 200 or more miles this month. I’m going to jog at least 12 times this month for 30 to 45 minutes. I will do it. I’ll track it. I’m excited to get active again. I rode my Cannondale today, and I swear I heard angels singing as I effortlessly coasted through my neighborhood on the way to riding 12 miles this morning. Good thing too. It’s going to rain all day. No chance to commute in on bike. No chance to ride after dinner. I rode early and got it done. Amen.

Tomorrow morning (if it’s dry) I will ride once again, as well as ride into work. Should get close to 20 miles tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.

I also hope to shed about 10 pounds this month. Seriously.


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