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Ride to work like I’ve been doing.

Let me back-track. I have been riding into work as some of you know. Not far. I park about 4 miles out which gives me a nice 20 minute ride into work each morning. Great way to start my day. It gets my blood really pumping and puts me in a good mind-set for the day.

This week, here in Charlotte, there is the CIAA tournament. I wish I could tell you what CIAA stands for, but I can’t. I do know that there is a TON of traffic (both cars and pedestrian) around the QUEEN CITY this week.

Apparently, since this tournament is town, all the local Parking Lots went into the “LET’S RAPE THE PARKING PUBLIC” mode and JACKED their daily parking rates up through the roof. My normal $3/day lot jumped to $15/day. Another lot that normally charges $5/day is up to $20.

With the threat of some rain today, I decided to drive in and just park at my $3 lot and walk into work. That is, until I learned about the aforementioned rate hiks. So, after seeing that, I drove out to my 2-mile spot, parked the car and RODE into work. Saved myself $15 today. CHA-CHING!

Oh, and another benefit of riding in… I’ve lost 5lbs this month w/o really even trying. (Imagine if I applied myself?) 😉


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