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This past weekend, I participated in the “24 Hours of Booty” bike event here in Charlotte, NC. It’s a 24 hour ride for charity (cancer research). Over 1,200 riders participated in the event. What a great time!

My neighbor, Bill, participated as well. We rode together for 90% of the ride…

I clocked in over 201 miles in that 24-hour period. A new record for me.

I broke all kind of personal records during this ride.

1. Most miles in a 1 day period: 201.92 (previous record was 46 miles)
2. Most miles in a week: 223 (previous record was 122 miles in Dec. of 2007)
3. Most miles in a month: 323.59 (previous record was 308 miles in June of 2008)

With this ride now “done,” I feel a great sense of relief coming over me. I honestly wasn’t sure I could pull off 200 miles. 100 seemed like a long shot, seeing that my longest ride up until that point was 46 miles.

The 1st 30 miles was the easiest miles I think I’ve ever put on my bike. The crowds were huge and they were cheering all the riders on. I had goose bumps (literally) everytime I crossed the Start/Finish line.

The only time I had a problem on the ride was around the 88 mile mark. Mentally, I was ready to be off the bike. It was 3am. It was dark. I was tired, and ready for a break. 12 more miles to go. 4 more laps. 4 more climbs up the back stretch of the course, which had a good sized hill on it.

We reached 102 miles and called it a night.

After less than 4 hours sleep, we re-mounted the bikes and headed back out to tackle ANOTHER 100 miles.

The only other time I hit a snag was at 168 miles. My right calf started cramping up. REALLY BAD. I worked it out though without having to stop and continued on for another 33.92 miles to finish the day.

At 5pm, we were done. 201.92 miles.

We could’ve ridden more, but we had nothing left to prove at that point. 200 was our goal. We nailed it.

I’m glad the ride is done. I can now focus on jogging/rollerblading, etc…

I will still ride quite a bit, but not with the gusto I’ve been laboring with these past 3 months getting ready for this event.

It is a ride that will forever be in my memory…

Now I can ride for fun.


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