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Mid-week. Amen. Friday can’t come quick enough.

I got out this morning for a 15.5 mile ride. Bill joined me and we had a nice ride. Big temperature change in the Charlotte area last night. It was actually a bit chilly this morning. Temps were in the 50’s. Gorgeous. It’s going to be a nice day.

I’m at 53 miles for the week. If we ride tonight, I’ll be close to 70 miles… 100 is right around the corner after that. 3 weeks. 300+ miles. Not too shabby.

The light I got for Father’s day is just perfect! It really lights up the roads in front of me. I like when cars can see me. I’ll see them first, but me vs. a car = a win for the car. They need to see me. End of the story.


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