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Loop after Loop after Loop… I’m getting loopy.

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So here we are on a Tuesday. Monday is done. That’s half the battle for the week here. Just getting through Monday.

Ride-wise, I had a better ride yesterday than I did this morning. My legs just weren’t in it today. The entire ride, I felt like I needed to “crack” my knees. They were really tired as I rode loop after loop in the neighborhood.

Bill wasn’t able to ride this morning, so it was me and my tunes. Thank God for MP3 players. They really break up the boredom and they help me keep a good pace throughout the whole ride.

I’ve got 240 miles to my name this month. I’m on pace to have my best month EVER, mileage-wise. 400 miles is not out of grasp for me. This week alone, I can get over 108 miles.

I hope tomorrow goes a bit smoother. My legs are starting to feel the strain of trying my 3rd 100-mile week in a row.

Hopefully Bill can ride tomorrow morning.


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