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So, I geared up today for a 16 mile ride. It was early. 4:15am. Quiet outside. Just the way I like it. I have always been a morning person. The solitude of a silent morning is something I enjoy daily.

Summer rides in the morning just start my day off on the right foot everytime. I had to make sure I had water with me today. I was planning on a good, long, sweaty workout. I got it.

I had my MP3 player strapped to my arm as I cranked out a respectable pace. Not quite sure what my MPH was or my average. My computer is acting up, so I didn’t even turn it on. I did a known route of 15.6 miles. I crushed it. The tunes kept my pace sky high, and more importantly, it took my mind away from the monotiny of it all.

I typically (actually never) ride with tunes. But I knew I was riding solo and staying in my neighborhood, so I gave it a try. Verdict: I love it!

31 miles for the week so far. 100 here I come


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