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It was bound to happen.

Some may call it inevitable.

Fate and luck was against me each time I headed out.

I rolled the dice on EVERY ride.

Today, the dice won…

After 2 bikes, over 1,900 miles….



Fortunately, with the way it worked out, I only had to walk about 1/10th of mile home. I was right down my street. I was just about to complete the final tenth of a 3.1 mile loop I do most mornings. At 3.0 miles, I start hearing this “thump, thump, thump…”

“Not good” I remember saying to myself.

I dismounted an noticed my back tire going flat.

As Spalding would say (from “Caddyshack”) “DOUBLE RAT FARTS!”

It’s a good reason to get my bike into the shop. I’ve been meaning to get it in for a quick tune up, but honestly, I’ve been having too much fun riding it. The back gears are slipping a bit though, so I’ll have those looked at too.

1,900 miles w/o a flat. That’s about 1,850 more miles I rode if I had been back up in Maryland.

I got flats up there like the father in “A Christmas Story” did on his Oldsmobile.

FUDGE! (Only I didn’t say F-U-D-G-E!)

What’s the worst thing to happen to you on a bike?


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