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Bill and I made it out last night for a 17.46 mile ride around the neighborhood. Great ride. We definitely pushed each other, and with my new bike, it was definitely a 50/50 push of me challenging Bill, and vice versa. On my old mtn bike, I think I was holding Bill back a bit. It’s good to on a more level playing field now where we can both benefit from riding with each other.

I was going to ride this morning, but I didn’t get to bed til 11pm. Aidan stirred a few times during the night and when 4am came rolling around, I gave the traditional Monday “Aw…hell no” salute and slept in til 5:15am.

Bill did ride though. I’m hoping to get out later today when Kelly’s play practice is over…. If not,I’ll definitely ride tomorrow morning.

I’m hoping for back to back weeks of 100+ miles.


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