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100. I did it.

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Last night we got a round of thunderstorms that rivaled Kansas. Rain too. I think I saw the animals lining up in pairs outside. Wow! Damaging rain. Tornado warnings, not watches…

Scary stuff. I don’t know how folks in Tornado Alley live that way. No thanks.

Fortunately, I got out for a 22-mile ride before all that happened. That left me with 10.43 miles left to cover to reach my 100-mile goal for the week.

This morning, the rain subsided long enough for me to get out and ride 11.018 miles. Done. 100 miles for the week. I’m pleased.

I’ve lost 5.5 pounds since getting this bike (2 weeks ago). Not bad if you consider I had a business trip to San Fran (good food, better beer) thrown in there.

I haven’t been this light in about 5 months. My next goal is to lose 9 more pounds. That will put me at a weight I haven’t seen in years.

Today is a rain event for the most part. Aidan’s supposed to have a soccer game. I doubt that will occur. We got close to 1.5 inches of rain just last night. They’re calling for another inch, if not 2 for today.


I may actually have to mow my lawn this year. (We moved here in May of 2007. I have mowed the backyard 1 time… Once. That’s it….) Can you say “drought?”


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