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Can’t focus today. All I’m focusing on is getting out when I get home for a good 20 mile ride. I need to make sure my bike computer is functioning properly. (Not like this morning.)

I found a few bike blogs online here that I’m reading. These guys are machines. They ride 100 miles a day, some of them. I’m counting myself lucky that I can do that in 1 week.

Hopefully, later this year, I’ll look back at my first 100 mile week of the year here and I’ll be staring at some 200 mile weeks. Possible? Sure. Once the weather warms up and I’m not shackled by not riding in the morning.

On a bright note, the leg/knee pain I was experiencing back in December and January has disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, my legs are still tired after a 40-mile ride, but not tired enough to stop riding for a few days. There’s a difference between “tired” legs and “pain” in the legs… These days my legs lean more toward tired at the end of the week.

This week though, I feel good. 67 miles under my belt and I’m hoping for a 20-mile ride this afternoon. That will leave me 13 miles to tackle tomorrow. It may be a wet ride tomorrow. If that’s what it comes to, fine. I’m hoping otherwise.


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