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Yesterday was a DISMAL day down here in the Carolinas, weather-wise. Cold, dank, raw 40 degree weather with a steady drizzle for most the day.

I had grand plans of heading out for an invigorating 30+ mile bike ride. Mother Nature and family obligations had other plans for me.

I’ve learned over the last 7 months that one’s cycle schedule must remain flexible. Sneak in a ride whenever you can. It may be your only one for that day.

With that being said, I did “sneak” out for a quick 10.2 mile ride in the late morning hours. I wanted to ride more, but 35-40 minutes was all I had. (I took it!).

The rest of the day saw me trying to plot another outing to get some more miles under my belt. I needed 39 miles yesterday to hit my goal of 300 for the month of March. I clocked in 2 rides totaling 28 miles.

So, I’m 12 miles shy of my goal this month. Today’s the last day of the month. No problem. I was going to ride this morning to top off that 12 mile shortage. NOT today. Again, mother nature had other plans. Rain. Steady, cold, and chilly rain.

Am I doomed for this month? No. I can try again tonight to get in another ride.

I’m doing my “anti-rain” dance as I type this.

Last night, Bill and I cranked out 17 miles in the neighborhood. Great ride. Not too cold, because I layered my clothing appropriately. The ride was effortless, due to my new bike. I love that thing. What a difference from riding my mountain bike. What an upgrade.

Bill got some new riding gear in the form of headlights and tail-lights. Makes riding at night (and in the morning) a LOT safer. I may look into a headlight assembly for my bike. Seeing that I ride 3 to 4 mornings a week in complete darkness, it might not be a bad idea.

2 rides yesterday. 1 good (the night ride), 1 not. The morning ride was rushed. I wasn’t warmed up. I cranked out 10 miles to the best of my ability. The wind beat me down and crushed my mental momentum a few times. Damn wind!

With March almost behind us, I hope the wind takes March’s cue and exits as well.


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