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So, I get a call yesterday afternoon from Bill. He wanted to know if I’m up for a morning ride tomorrow (Thursday). Never one to turn down a chance to ride, I say, “Sure.”

Fast forward to 4:10am when my alarm went off this morning. “What the !@#! was I thinking?,” was my first thought. (I knew it was going to cold. I knew it was going to be windy. I knew it would be both cold AND windy.)

Deep down, I was secretly hoping Bill would not make it out of his garage at 4:30am, the time we decided on.

Today was not my lucky day. 4:30am on the dot, Bill’s garage opens, as does mine.

We meet, both commenting on the chilly weather. We start our ride.

Fortunately, I’m getting pretty good at judging the weather in relation to how I should layer and dress for a ride. This morning was perfect. I was a bit warm, which was fine. I’d rather sweat than freeze, as Bill says.

The first lap was the toughest. It always is. The wind was formidable. Damn wind!

We got in 11.2 miles in 45 minutes. Not too bad. Not Olympic Time Trial material, but hey!, it’s 4:30 in the morning. Get off my back.

I’m glad I rode this morning. I wouldn’t admit to that while I was actually ON THE BIKE this morning.

Post ride benefits rock. I feel energized. I relish in the fact that while most folks are sleeping, I’m out getting in a great workout. I’m getting closer to my 4,000 miles each day. The weather is warming up (relatively) and I know that soon I will have the added benefit of squeezing in a night-time ride while it’s still light outside….

My legs feel good, which is good, seeing I’ve gotten in 46.75 miles this week.

I’m hoping to ride tomorrow morning, but they are forecasting rain. I will ride in the cold. I will ride in the wind. I will not ride in the rain. (Momma didn’t raise no fool….)

Good ride. Good times. Glad Bill forced me out on my bike today. I would’ve TOTALLY skirted today’s ride for sleep….


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