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For riding that is. I think I only got in 25 miles or so this week. That’s going to happen here in January and February. I’ll have weeks like that. I also know that in May, June, July, and August I’ll have weeks where I log in over 150 miles a week, so I’m not worried about my goal of getting 4,000 miles.

Yesterday I checked out a road bike with my neighbor, Bill. Nice bike. REALLY nice bike. It was pouring outside though, so I wasn’t able to ride it. I’m going to wait til I can ride it before making a decision.

It is a nice bike though.

It’s Sunday and it’s COLD outside. I would love to get in a ride though. Not sure if Bill’s schedule will allow him to accompany me, but I’m in the mood for a nice 1 hour ride. No pace, just go out and ride.

I feel like I have “cabin fever” in regards to getting out and riding. This cold weather is for the birds.

If I do ride today, I will be quite the layered-bundled up rider. Might wait til later in the day til it warms up (a bit.)

Stay tuned.

This week may be one of those 25-mile total weeks. I haven’t checked the week long forecast, so hopefully I’m wrong.


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