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Bill and I did a 28.74 mile ride this afternoon to the tune of 68+ degree weather. Heaven you might think, right? For the most part. We got to ride in shorts, had only 3 layers of shirts on to fend off the elements. (No “Stay-Puff” Marshmallow Man look.)

About 5 miles into the ride, we hit a “new” road to us. Beulah Church Road was the name of it. Beulah must be French for “unbearable wind.?” We got blasted with gusts. I took a turn being “lead dog” (rider in front, acting as a wind shield). Then Bill took a turn. Our rides are seeing more and more switching going on, which I like. In the beginning, I always trailed behind Bill (drafting), but now we are doing more sharing of the lead dog role. I’m either getting to be a stronger rider, or Bill is tiring out more easily, and I doubt THAT is the case. 🙂

Well, on Beulah Church Road, early in the ride, I thought my thighs were going to explode. I was tired, my legs were more tired, and at one point I just wanted to hop off the bike, call Kelly, and have her come and get me. It was a steady wind killing us, and on top of that, there were some long, steady inclines. Wrong time of the ride for me to be “lead dog.”

Bill and I hammered on and came to the end of Beulah all too happy to wish that road “adieu!” Buh-bye!

It was about this time I think that the Motrin I took about 20 minutes before we started riding started to kick in. HEAVEN!! With the wind now at our backs, and the pain in my legs dissipating, Bill and I hit a good clip. The miles melted away and what had the potential to be a horrific ride actually ended nicely.

My legs are in good shape for a morning route around the neighborhood, come 4:30am.


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