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639 MILES DOWN/ 1,361 TO GO

Yesterday was quite warm down here in the Carolinas. Noticeably warmer than earlier in the week. It was fantastic. Any day when you can have the windows of the house open is a good day.

So, after getting home from work and picking up the repaired van, we sat down to a nice spaghetti dinner.

Earlier in the day, I got out for 8 miles on the bike trainer. A good 1/2 hour workout. I had grand plans of getting out again at night on the trainer.

Then it hit me: It’s warm out. Ride OUTSIDE.

So, I unhooked my bike from the trainer and hit the road.

Now, I have never in my life (in all honesty) been happier to have been on my bike. The feeling of riding on the road, with the wind in my face, and the moving ground under my feet was just the best feeling. After being “trapped” on the bike trainer for the past few days, right then I knew why I enjoyed riding so much.

I had all the energy in the world last night. There was no wind to slow me down and even with my HRM on, I CRUSHED. I road 12 miles around my neighborhood with the feeling that I could’ve clocked in 100.

Think of having to ride a junky, clunky bike that has big fat tires that are not inflated. That’s what it feels like when I’m on the bike trainer. Yes, I know I’m getting a workout, and yes, I know I will slave away the winter on that thing and it will keep me in shape for the Spring. That doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it. 🙂

Now, after riding that clunky bike, place yourself on a top-class elite bike, complete with FULLY inflated, SUPER thin tires. That’s how I felt last night. The effort to go as fast as I wanted was easier than it’s ever been. IF that’s what the bike trainer is going to give me, I’ll ride that damn thing all winter, if once a week I can rides like I had last night. I felt like I did back in my 20’s. That’s a wonderful feeling.

If the trainer does one thing, it lets me CRAVE for rides outdoors.

I will be watching the thermometer closely this winter, so that I can get out when I can and have a CRUSHING ride in between the tedious rides indoors.

It could be worse.

By the way, it’s supposed to be 78 degrees here today. I see another ride tonight (outdoors) with my name on it.


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