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Almost 1/2 way there to my mark of 1,000 miles. Yesterday I got out for a ride on some new roads. It was not quite the ride I was expecting. The wind played a big part in me not enjoying my ride yesterday.

Never fails. You ride with the wind in your face and hope to turn it around and make up some time on the trip back. While that did happen a little, it wasn’t quite the easy trip back I thought it would be.

I rode 16.7 miles in 1 hour and 2 minutes. Not a final bad clip. I made up some great time the final 3 miles. I’m sure before that my average was closer to 15 mph.

I hit a few roads that had bigger hills than I remember. (Translation: My legs were tired and the hills were a pain yesterday.)

I really want to get out today for a 12-15 mile ride. That would put me at about 55 miles for the week, and it’s only Tuesday. 🙂

The mornings, I have deemed, are too cold to ride now. Maybe if I get some warmer riding gear I may head out in the early hours, but not right now.


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