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Wow. I got out for another ride on Sunday. Thankfully, it was a “short” ride of only 18 miles. Perfect distance. New road to cover too. It’s always nice riding somewhere new. Saw some photo opps on this road that I will have to go back and hit with my camera.

All in all, it was a good workout week last week. I started at 199 pounds. Got up to 202.5 mid-week somehow, but by Sunday (yesterday) I was back down to 199. Go figure. I guess 195 will have to wait.

This week I may step up my riding. I’m really torn between running and riding. Riding is more fun, but running is easier to do (setup wise, locale wise…) I have the treadmill right there in the garage.

Decisions, decisions….

I got to work this morning and found my speedometer. I will now need to add 130 miles to my readout. (87 previous miles from the reset, plus the 43 miles I rode this weekend w/o the monitor.)



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