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196 MILES DOWN / 804 TO GO

I awoke earlier than normal this morning. I was looking forward to getting out on my bike. I wanted to ride more than 30 minutes. I was hoping for 45 minutes, or maybe even an hour. I had the coffee pot ready for me as I got up at 4am. I was on my bike by 4:09am. I rode 51 minutes. 12.67 miles. It was a great ride. I had my HRM on and it beeped a few times, but I worked on my hills (going up them) and got my bpm stabilized. I was happy at the work I was doing on the hills, and how I was keeping my heart w/in the range I needed.

It was a warmer ride this morning than I have been used to all this week. Cloud cover was abound, which kept the temps pretty high. I had a bit of a breeze to deal with, but nothing worth bitching about.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m looking forward to heading out running and running for more than 30 minutes. I was so bummed yesterday that I didn’t have more time to run. I was willing and able and I just want to get my body used to the fact that I want to run. It may take a month to get “mentally” there, but I’m well on my way to just doing it.

That’s about it from here.


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