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Well, after 2 days of jogging in the early morning, I got back on the bike. What a benefit running has shown me in regarding to biking. Running (as much as I hate it) makes me love biking just that much more.

When jogging, I tire more easily. When jogging, there is no “coasting” or no “down time” regarding catching a break during your workout. You are either running, or you are NOT. No coasting. Period. Ugh.

So, today’s bike ride was a JOY. I did a 10.85 mile ride that had a clip of 15.2 mph as an average. All this while keeping my HRM on and keeping my bpm under 150. It was an enjoyable ride.

When I first woke up this morning and got ready to head out, I feared it might be too cold to ride. I wore an extra T-shirt under my riding shirt as a precaution. As I opened the garage door to head out, I could feel the crisp air making it’s way into the warm garage. Again, the thought of riding in the cold entered my mind. It’s not that I don’t mind riding when it’s chilly, but I wasn’t dressed for it. I need to look into getting some warmer riding gear.

Suprisingly, once I got going, the weather wasn’t a factor. It was a tad bit chilly, but about 2 miles into the ride, the cold was an after thought.

I was more concentrated on working on tackling the hills I encountered on the ride. I’ve always been a fan of uphill rides for some reason. I use them to my advantage. Most cyclists don’t like the hills. I see them as a challenge, and now that I’m wearing the HRM, they seem to be the most daunting part of my ride. How do I “attack” the hills, but keep my bpm in-tact? I’m working on it.

The 33 mile ride I did last Sunday was a great ride. The hills slowed me down though. Got my breathing a bit out of whack. That’s my focus this week. Work on the hills, get my breathing down, and be sure to KEEP GOING when I reach the top of the hill. I want to get to the point where when I ride with Bill and/or other riders, the hills will be a non-issue for me in regards to having an enjoyable ride. It is a constant battle/challenge that I hope most riders are always working on. I know it will be a focal point of my training for months to come.

As I rode this morning, the peace and quiet was a welcomed distraction for me. I have a hard time “stopping to smell the roses.” Being a parent I think does that to me. I’m constantly going 100 mph at home. If not, and I sit down to relax, I fall asleep. I now know why my Dad used to (actually, he still does) fall asleep anytime he sat down.

So, with nothing but me and my bike and my own power to propel me, I cranked out close to 11 miles this morning. Riding in the early morning will forever remind my of my paper route that I had from 1980 to 1985. I delivered the Washington Post to 127 of the 200 houses in the neighborhood I grew up in . I loved that job, because I loved to bike. I was able to get out each morning as a kid and ride at least 10 miles to deliver those papers. It was a wonderful workout and it let me appreciate the quietness of each morning, before the day got crazy. Waking up at 4am each day wasn’t a problem for me. (Unlike my 2 older brothers who had the route before I did).

I have been getting up at 4am ever since I’ve had that job. (weekends are now a bit of a gift to me. I sleep in til 5:30am – 6am.)

I’ve always been a morning person, so these early rides are a treat to me. I will forever enjoy that early morning silence.



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