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RUN, WALK, and then RUN

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It’s Monday. I don’t like Mondays. (good song, btw). I felt really great after yesterday’s 32.5-mile ride. Legs felt great. Energy level was good. I got in 26,000 + steps yesterday. Over 13 miles of walking yesterday.

I got up this morning, and not wanting to burn out on biking, I decided to give the HRM a tryout with running. Now, a little background about me and running. I ran 2 miles straight (back in 7th grade!) That was 1980. My other “long” run was in 2000. My neighborhood had a friendly 5k race. I “trained” for it and ran it. I haven’t run since then.

Fast forward 7 years, and that day back in 2000 was still the longest run I’ve ever done. I’m not a fan of jogging, never have been. The breathing thing really screws me up. I get all mental about it. That, and I get bored with it.

So, with all this in mind this morning, I attached my HRM and set the max bpm to be 140. I figured this way, even if I hit my max bpm, I won’t look like a wheezing rhino who’s about to drop dead.

To my surprise, I ran more than I walked. The pace I set was perfect. The weather helped to. It was a cool 58 degrees at 4:30am.

I may give this jogging thing another round of thought. I like the mix up and the break from biking, if I need it. Today I needed it. I didn’t want to get back on the bike.

So, I may dust off my treadmill tonight and attach the HRM and see what I can pull off.

I do like jogging from the standpoint that it will shave pounds of me quickly. I think it will also help me biking. Cycling is easy, compared to running. Straining on a bike is a lot easier than chugging along while running. At least on a bike, if you get tired, you can COAST. Not the case with running.

I’m down to 204.5 pounds.

Thought it would be more. I’m charting my food this week to see where I’m making mistakes. I’ve been doing well regarding the post-dinner munchies. Need to continue that.

I have a website I use to track food/exercise and nutrition. I think I’ll continue to focus on my running/cycling this week, but also put some concentration on the food part.

I love to eat.


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