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I couldn’t sleep very well last night. Not sure why. I got up around 3:30am and made a pot of coffee. Checked some email, downed some coffee, and surfed the web for a while.

At 4:30am, I got on my bike and rode for another 8 miles. Unfortunately, I wiped clean the odometer on my speedometer. Guess I may have to READ the manual on how to reset the trip mileage back to zero after each ride.

So, I will now just add 87 miles to the pic seen here for my year to date total as I go for 1,000 miles.

The ride this morning was uneventful. I’m coming down with a pretty good cold, so I was kinda nervous that I was going to have a difficult ride.

That was not the case though. Suprisingly, I got through the ride pretty much unscathed. It was a good workout, it was quiet outside, and I focused on the HILLS and attacking them from a seated position. I could feel the burn in my legs.

They say that if you can use the hills (uphill) to your advantage, you’ll be ahead of more than 1/2 the pack. Most cyclists HATE hills. Not me. They challenge me, and I thrive on tackling them.

So, I’m 95.1 miles into my trek of 1,000. 904.9 more to go.

Stay tuned.


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