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Happy Thanksgiving and 209 Days

ikeHappy Thanksgiving.   I hope everyone has a wonderful day with friend and family.    I am visiting my folks and will enjoy a “small” dinner with only 28 family members here…  (I have 12 siblings, and some won’t be here, so 28 is a “small” number for this year).   Should still be PLENTY LOUD.

Before all the festivities begin though I will be out on my bike.   Today is day 209 in a  row of riding.   222 is getting closer every day.   :)

The big question is… what will I do on day 223?    (Probably go for a ride…)




206 Days…

rhThe streak is still going.   I really want to hit 222 days.   This past weekend was almost the end of the streak.   I was on a weekend get away with my girlfriend and we were out in the mountains of western North Carolina.   HILLS…   Not even hills…  CLIFFS.

Sneaking in a ride on Saturday was a challenge.   Had I already hit 222 days I would’ve pulled the plug.   My legs were tired from all the hiking and trails we had done by then.

But I soldiered on.   My GF even rode with me.   Oh, and it was COLD out.   I hate COLD weather.   Hate hills too.    I was 0 for 2 that day.

But I rode.   Got home late Sunday and rode.

I’m on vacation all week here.   Rode this morning, making it 206 days straight of being on the bike.

I’m leaving here tomorrow to see family in MD.   Bike is already strapped to the car.

Watch out 222…. here I come


200 Days Straight!

Today marks the 200th consecutive day of riding for me.   Back on May 2nd, I started a streak that is still going strong.   A lot has happened in the past 200 days.   But one thing has been a constant.   I have gotten out for a ride.

Colder temps are moving in, but that won’t keep me off my bike.  If I can ride in 105 degree weather, I can certainly ride in 15 degree weather.

Here’s to day 200…   can I keep it going til I hit 300 days?

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191 Days

Still riding.   EVERY DAY.

191 in a row to be exact.

9 more to go to hit 200 days.   My goal is 222 days (and then I’ll probably just keep going….. why stop?)

Mileage isn’t the best, but I hit my goal of 1,200 miles (100 miles a month avg) back on October 18th.  Every mile from here on out is just gravy to the sauce.

I’m taking a motorcycle safety class this weekend and  having a blast with it.  Learning some good  riding strategies and tips and  tricks and just enjoying the motorcycle.

Still enjoy the mountain bike too.


179 Days In A Row

Getting out for a ride on my bike is now just 2nd nature.   Hard to believe I’m at 179 days straight here.  My mileage goal for the year (1,200 miles) has already been accomplished, so the rest of this year is ‘gravy’.

Weather is turning colder here, and the Autumn display of colors is an added bonus to my daily rides.   LOVE the colors this year on all the trees.

In 3 weeks I will be sitting at 200 days straight.


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