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Cyclist and Photographer

Just wanted to share with everyone here my photography blog. Yes, I’m a cyclist, but I’m also a photographer (and a musician….).

Here’s my photography blog: https://rflanaganphotography.wordpress.com/

Hope you enjoy the pics…

One day I’ll share my Music blog site too. Been writing songs for close to 30 years… God, I’m getting old. :)

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Headache Be Gone

What a gorgeous Spring day here in the Carolinas. How can you NOT jump on your bike and go ride? I had a monstrous headache early this afternoon and the last thing I wanted to do was just that. I popped some ibuprofen (I buy the GINORMOUS 500-ct bottles) and downed some ice cold water. Crashed on the couch for 20 mins and….. BOOM! Headache gone.

Glad I rode. It was so nice out. Worked up a decent sweat. Nothing but shorts and a shirt and a helmet. What a relief from the winter wardrobe required to ride.

68 days of riding out of 80 days so far…. I’ll take it.


Crazy Things You See When Cycling

As I approach 12,000 miles here on the bike since getting back into it a few years back, I can’t help but think about some of the stuff I have seen that can ONLY be seen while out on a bike.

Let me preface this post with the fact that I typically ride on small country roads here in NC. I pass A LOT of farms. A lot.

While 90% of the time this is all fine and dandy (and quiet)… you tend to run into more DOGS. Small dogs, big dogs, slow dogs, FAST dogs, friendly dogs, ATTACK dogs… I’ve had my share of aggressive dogs trying to take a chunk out of my legs/ankles… Not one has been successful… yet. :)

bullI think the craziest thing though I have ever seen was a FULL-SIZED BULL (as in STEER) in the middle of the road. This beast broke free from his fenced in “home” and was SMACK DAB in the middle of the road. He was the size of a cargo van… I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Unfortunately for me, that was the day I decided to wear my RED jersey.

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What I Ride

DSCN0253 (2)As I opened my Excel spreadsheet this morning to track my miles of my morning ride into work, I noticed I’m ahead of schedule for 100 miles this month. Must be all the warmer, longer days that are upon us here in the Carolinas.

IDSCN0255 (2) was tweaking the graphics of my cycling blog when I came across a few pics of my mountain bike that I have basically transformed into my commuter bike. Since 2009, I have ridden 3,940 miles into work… I have another 8,000 miles to my name in the way of my Cannondale and “weekend” rides. Nearing 12,000 miles since getting back on the bike a few years back. Wow. That’s a lot of miles!

Anyway, I thought I’d post a few pics of my GT “commuter” bike. I love LOVE love this bike.

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Slowly Warming Up Here

Slowly, but surely.   Yesterday it hit 80 degrees for us here.  I made sure I got out on my bike.   Had a kick ass ride.   Happy with my miles so far this year.  I’m actually beating my cycling friend Bill, who will surely pass me as the days here are getting longer and the temps warm up.

Contemplating a long ride into work tomorrow.   Morning temps should be ok (mid 40’s) for it to happen.

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10 degrees vs. 63 degrees

I had my warmest morning this year to ride in. Made me think back to January 8th of this year. It was 10 degrees that morning as I rode into work. I prefer morning temps in the 60’s…. Here’s why:


10 degree riding apparel:

Long Johns, Work pants, Water Proof Pants (windbreaker type material)

T-shirt, Work shirt, thin riding jacket, sweatshirt, heavy windbreaker type jacket

Wool Socks,  Skull cap, balaclava, helmet

Heavy winter riding gloves


63 degree riding apparel:

T-shirt, shorts, sandals, helmet



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A Therapeutic Ride in the Rain

Ever ride your bike in the rain?   Not a care in the world?   No worries about getting wet?    Gotta tell ya…. it’s a pretty cool thing to do.

This morning, as I geared up (pun intended) to ride my short distance into work, the skies decided to make it interesting for me.   Unbeknownst to Mother Nature, I came prepared.   Water-proof panniers, water-proof cycling jacket, and water-proof pants…    Bring on the rain.

I rode slowly, just taking in the soft sounds of everything going on around me.   Used all 5 senses this morning to get into work.    It’s really fascinating what you can hear when you finally decide to listen.   The smells that only an early morning rainy ride can provide…    You have to try it someday.

I got to work dry and I can mark another day off as “I RODE.”    54 out of 63 days this year.

Go ride in the rain.    I feel like a kid again.


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