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Spring Maybe?

I got out for a ride yesterday and quickly realized I had on too many layers. It was much warmer than I thought it was going to be. To quote my good friend Bill, “I’d rather sweat than freeze!” Well, Bill…. trust me. I sweated yesterday.

Gave me hope that Spring is right around the corner. I really hope so. I know my mileage will increase with the warmer weather. Longer rides into work.

I’m happy that I have been on the bike 46 days out of 54 so far this year.

I’m really enjoying the bike rides.

I’m hoping the rain holds off this afternoon. I want to do a ride after work.

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50 DAYS and 16 DEGREES

ImageIce-cold-surpriDay 50 of 2015… I’ve ridden 43 of them. Not too shabby.

It was 16 degrees here in the Queen City this morning. You don’t even need coffee in that kind of weather. Mother nature will wake you up all on her own at that temp.

Funny thing is, tomorrow this will seem like a heat wave. Tomorrow morning it’s supposed to be 7 degrees.

Just another day on the bike.


Ice Storm of 2015

Coated in a layer of ice here. Gorgeous weather, but if you have to be anywhere, you are in trouble. Thankfully, I have nowhere to be today. Fridge is stocked, and I have enough firewood to keep me warm, if needed.

Still riding this year. I have been on the bike 40 days out of the 47 days of this year. I’m happy with that total. My rides have been short, but they have been fun. I don’t even blink twice anymore each day when I jump on my bike “just to ride.” I’m fortunate in that part of my commute into work each day involves me jumping on my bike.

The biggest area where I have improved is on the weekends. Last year, I barely rode on the weekends at all… 17 weekend days out of roughly 50… This year? 11 out of 14 weekend days I have ridden. This will make a nice difference at the end of the year with my mileage totals.

I’m just happy to be riding as much as I am.

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Spring is in the Air

Woke up this morning to 57 degree weather. PERFECT cycling weather into work. Today is the 1st day this year where I haven’t had to put on 3-4 layers of clothing to ride in. No balaclava needed either.


Birds were chirping as they were enjoying the warm morning as much as I was.

Now, of course, this means it will snow next week. :)

I’ll take today’s weather though just the way it is.

Life is good.


100 Miles For January

I rode into work again this morning. Not far. But I rode in. 28 degrees outside. Temps that low (here in NC) will surely wake you up as you churn your way to work on a bike. I know it did for me this morning.

I had my panniers PACKED with stuff….(lunch, iPad, Laptop, snacks, headphones, etc…) and it really weighed me down to the point that I knew I’d be taking it a bit slower into work. Still beats lugging all that stuff in a backpack. Let the bike carry the weight.

I will hit 100 miles for the month on my ride back to my car this afternoon. I’m pleased with that number… here are my January totals over the years:

2008 236
2009 10
2010 48
2011 87
2012 129
2013 83
2014 19
2015 103


At The End Of The Day

2015 is churning along here. And I’m still riding. 23 out of 27 days so far. Easy rides. Fun rides. And at the end of the day, that’s all the matters: I rode.

I am enjoying getting out each day, knowing I don’t have to go out and ride “X” number of miles. Just get on the bike and ride. Plain and simple. Like I did when I was a kid.

Tomorrow I will hit 100 miles for the month here. Not that I’m aiming for a certain set of miles for the month, but 100 per month is most likely gonna be the average.


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Have You Ever Biked for Beer?

bikeforbeerOne of my favorite rides in the recent past happened when my room-mate and I got out on our mountain bikes to do a BEER RUN…

It was February of 2014. The Carolinas never get much snow, so when this whopper of a storm descended upon us, it was EPIC. 8″ of the powdery stuff. It shut the city of Charlotte down for 4 days. Nothing to do but stay home, watch TV on my BIG ASS 55″ screen (which was brand new at the time), throw darts, and drink beer.

Running low on the necessities (mostly beer), my room mate and I attached our saddlebags to our respective mountain bikes and ventured out to obtain more.

The going was slow. The layers of clothing I had on worked like a charm. Almost too well. I was getting a helluva workout. I was earning EVERY CALORIE of each beer I would consume that day.

We had to go to 2 different gas stations before finding one that was actually open. (Remember… snow and North Carolina don’t mix well….)

We eventually found a station that was open. I picked up two 6-packs, secured them in my saddle bags, as did my room mate with his two 6-packs. Our only goal now was simple: DON’T CRASH and WIPE OUT… A case of beer was on the line.

We successfully navigated the roads (riding back in the same lines we MADE on the way to the store) and got back to enjoy the best beer I have had on this planet in a long time… We place the beer outside in a snow bank to get it ICY cold and proceeded to throw more darts, watch more TV and basically enjoy a rare snow storm here in the Carolinas. Good stuff.


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