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New job is going great.   Learning so much.   Working a lot and it feels good to be productive again.

It’s a very healthy office too.   So many of my coworkers either go jogging at lunch or go for long walks. It has really inspired me to get back on my bike and utilize my lunch hour.

So, I have been going out on 10-mile lunch time bike rides. The course I take is a hilly challenge. I really like it.

Sure, I’d love to ride a flat 10 miles, but what good does that do? The route I take definitely pushes me.

I even have a coworker joining me now on the rides.

Life is good.

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The Drought is OVER

I finally got on my bike this year…   2 rides this week!  A 5-mile warm-up ride on Thursday, followed by a 10-mile ride yesterday.    I think the last time I rode was back in December of last year.

Legs felt great.  Cardio was even ok.  I wasn’t riding to set the world on fire.   Just a decent clip both days.

I’m excited to be back on the bike.    Now I can start racking up the miles here for 2016.


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Pie Day

March 14th and not a ride to my name here.   Feels weird.   Not sure what’s keeping me off my bike.   I need a break maybe?  :)

Someday soon I’ll be back on it.  I have a job now where at work I can ride at lunch and shower before heading back to work.   I need to take advantage of that.

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Not a Ride in Sight

So 2016 is here and I have yet to saddle up and ride.   Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.   Not a single mile.

Not sure what this year will hold in regards to my cycling.

Mother nature is walloping us here with an ice storm right now.   Maybe I’ll re-live my teen years and go out “ice riding” on my GT?   Would be fun, but at my age, if I break something I’ll be done for a few months.   With age comes wisdom, right?


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Freezing Temps & a New Job

Not riding much yet this year.   And by “much” I mean “any.”   Zero miles so far.

Still haven’t decided what my goals for this year will be.   New job is going to keep me plenty busy.  Not a bad thing at all.   I came from a job where I had WAY TOO MUCH down time.  I don’t do well with idle time.

It’s also 22 degrees out this morning.  Windchill is down in the lower-teens.

Those of you that know me know I don’t do WIND, let alone “winter” wind.   Nope!   I’ll pass.

So that is where I stand.   New job is going really well.   Knee deep in work and loving it.


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8 Days Left

It’s been a good year on the bike.   I like that phrase.  “Been a good year on the bike.”

I’m 47 years-old and I still ride my bike.  It keeps me young.  I’m still fast.  I can still do a 20-mile ride in a blink of an eye.   I like that.

2016 is right around the corner.   Will it be a “good year on the bike?”   If I have any input into it, yes, it will be.

Just not sure what my plans are.   I’m starting a new job.   I will be traveling.  I’ll be busy.   I will need to carve out time to keep my cycling in the forefront.

I recently bought a NordicTrac elliptical that will keep my winter activity at a high level.  I’m very happy that I finally have that piece of equipment here in my house.   I will use it quite a bit this winter.

I’m excited for 2106.   8 days left.

Then it all starts over again.



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