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Lunchtime Rides

87 Miles Down…  913 To Go

I have an hour for lunch each day.  It’s the perfect excuse to get out and ride.   I’m really enjoying it.

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve ridden seriously.   By seriously, I mean hundreds of miles each month.

It’s all coming back to me though.   I’m surprised at  how quickly my legs and my lungs are re-adapting to these workouts.

913 miles to go!  🙂


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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things regarding cycling.    It’s been a good 2 years since I stopped cycling.   Pretty much cold turkey.   I was burned out.   I had a new motorcycle that was WAY MORE FUN to ride.   I still enjoy a day out on the motorcycle.

I’ve been on a recent resurgence of a health kick.    Went somewhat vegan (no meat, no dairy)…. still eating egg whites.    I’ve dropped 17lbs in 6 weeks.   I’m happy.  I feel good.    So now it’s time to up the exercise again.    Hence the new bike.

Combined with the new diet/lifestyle, I know I can drop even more weight.   I haven’t been this light in a long time.   I have 20 lbs more I’d like to lose.    Time will tell.

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Lunch Time Rides, Here I Come

Dog days of August here in the Carolinas.   Hot, humid, and Hazy…. the 3 H’s.   What better time than now to start getting into shape to tackle my 1,000 mile 50th bday challenge?

Lunch time rides are going to be my saving grace here.  I can easily get out and do a 10-12 mile route here to help those miles add up.

Today will be a 10-miler.    All on the roads.   I’m looking forward to it.    I need the exercise.

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My new “baby.”   A TREK X-Caliber 7.    My first ever bike with front suspension… (yes, my old bike was a dinosaur.)    I took her out for a ride.   Hit some trails too.   It feels good to be back in the saddle.   Here are a few pics….

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Here Comes Another Milestone

This time, about 10 years ago I was nearing my 40th birthday.   I was out of shape and all around not too healthy.  I made a decision that starting on Sept. 13th (my “half” birthday) that I was going to ride 1,000 miles before my 40th bday.

And I did.  I really did!    I actually rode 1,436 miles in those 6 months.   Over the next 8 years I amassed over 13,000 miles on my 2 bikes.   I really got back into cycling with a vengeance.

So, here I am staring down 50 years on the Blue Marble here.    The past 2 years I haven’t really ridden at all.    I’m actually lighter now than I have been in over 9 years.  Better diet and my high level of activity is why this has happened.

I miss cycling though.   The quietness of it.   Feeling the breeze on my face.

I am going to make myself the same challenge I made to myself 10 years ago.     I will ride 1,000 miles (starting on Sept 13th) before I turn 50 on March 13, 2018

I am currently shopping for a new bike.   My steadfast GT Timberline, while STILL a great bike, is just beating up my body too badly.   My shoulders, elbows, wrist just ache every time I ride it.    It’s a hardtail bike (no shocks whatsoever), so I need to change that.    I’m going to head out today at lunch and do some “shopping” for a bike.    I’m excited about that.

So, stay tuned here.   I’m back!   🙂

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SONDOR Electric Bike in my Future?

So I’m eyeing up a new bike.  It’s time.  My trusty GT Timberline is almost 25 years old.   She’s given me a lot of great rides and we’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles, but it’s time for a new bike.

I have been following the Sondor line of e-bikes and I”m impressed.

Would be nice to have a little assistance with me on my ride.   I know I would definitely ride more.   Maybe even ride into work.    The roads to work though are narrow and it’s more of a safety issue as to why I don’t ride more into work.

Stay tuned.