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A Good Month

The biking is going really well. Averaging about 100 miles a month. This month is even better. I’m at 112 miles so far. I have ridden 26 days in a row. Short rides, but rides nonetheless.

Enjoying the bike. The miles are adding up. I’m 48 miles shy of my 2013 total for the entire year. 163 miles shy of my 2014 total… I’m glad to see my worst year of cycling behind me. This will be one of my better years.


Still Riding

2015 is turning into a good year on the bike. I’m still riding. 114 days on the bike so far this year (out of 136)… I’ll take it.

It’s not about the miles (although those are adding up…). It’s about rediscovering why I ride in the first place. It’s FUN.



So, I picked up jogging once again. This is by FAR the best I have ever done with it. I think (actually, I KNOW) it has to do with the running shoes I got. I spent a good amount of money ($135) on these and they are worth every penny.

No knee issues, no shin splints, no foot pain.

And WOW, has running improved my cycling.

This morning, on my ride into work, I was KILLING the hills (upward) without any difficulty. Breathing wasn’t labored and DAMN, did my legs feel strong.

Need to run this afternoon, but I’m thinking of cycling instead… Decisions, decisions…

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First 100 Days of 2015

So, my goal this year is to just be ON the bike more… as in DAYS… So far, so good. Day 100 of 2015 was yesterday. I have been on my bike for 83 of those. I’m happy. I’m enjoying the HELL out of my short rides. My mileage (about 100 -120 miles a month) is just where I want it to be.

The weather is warming up here in the mornings, which will bring about longer commuting rides into work. I think the main area where I have improved has been on the weekends. Just hopping on the bike to run to the store, instead of hopping in the car. The stores are less than 2 miles away. Biking with my saddlebags can achieve the same goal as using my car. At least with the bike I can get some exercise as well.

I’m still jogging every other day. I can already tell how much it’s helping my cycling. I have cyclist’s legs… but they are getting even stronger and more defined with the running I’m doing.

Cardio is good as is life! :)

Here’s to the NEXT 100 days of 2015.


Ran My First 10K Last Weekend

Running always proves ONE THING to me each time I try…. God meant for me to be a CYCLIST! :)

With that being said, I actually did very well. I had a finishing time of 1 hour and 18 mins. I had initially planned on WALKING the event, with an occasional jog thrown in here and there. What really happened though was that I somehow ran about 95% of the race. Crazy.

I’m paying for it now though. Legs are stiff and my feet hurt.

Next year I’ll actually TRAIN for it. :)


Cyclist and Photographer

Just wanted to share with everyone here my photography blog. Yes, I’m a cyclist, but I’m also a photographer (and a musician….).

Here’s my photography blog: https://rflanaganphotography.wordpress.com/

Hope you enjoy the pics…

One day I’ll share my Music blog site too. Been writing songs for close to 30 years… God, I’m getting old. :)


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