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Need To Ride

I am contemplating selling my Cannondale road bike.    I have ridden it once this year, just to ride it.   It was not a memorable ride.    I just wanted to put some miles into my cycling journal, basically. 

Tonight though, I am going to ride my mountain bike.  I’m itching to get back into some utility cycling.   Weather tonight will be perfect for that.

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Cold Morning, Short Ride In

Got into the low 3o’s here this morning.   Very different from the morning temps of  50′s and 60′s we’ve experienced earlier this week.   Regardless though, I did ride into work this morning.   Short ride in, but it was very invigorating.   Took it at an easy pace and just enjoyed the crisp morning spring air that pulsed through me.

Love mornings like this.

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Like a New Bike

I got my bike back from the shop.   Complete overhaul and tune up.

Brakes that now let me stop on a dime…. gears that actually go through ALL the gears…

Cables that are clean and new….

Chain that is brand new

I’m in love with my mountain bike all over again!

Of course today it rains…



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2014…. Time to Get Back on the Bike

commutteWow, my mileage for 2013 was “less than stellar” to say the least.   I barely rode, it seemed.   I had a lot going on in my life last year.  Those of you that know me know what I’m talking about.

I also came to the conclusion (thanks to a close friend) that I rode all those years to escape what was dragging me down.   I can’t argue that point one bit.  She was very correct in her assessment.

Now, with that being said, I AM still a cyclist.  Once a cyclist, ALWAYS a cyclist.   It’s in my blood.   I do enjoy riding.  I just need to rediscover WHY I ride.

I have gotten back into reading some cycling blogs for inspiration.   They are working.   I’m dropping my commuter bike off at my favorite bike shop to get an overhaul-like tune up.   Brakes, gears, derailleurs, etc…  The works!  I can’t wait to get it back in tip top shape.     This is my yellow GT bike that I have had for close to 20 years.  My favorite bike.  My “go to” bike.   God, I love riding that bike.

So, it’s time to blow off the dust on the blog here and get riding and writing again.

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Not My Year

2013 will go down as my lowest mileage year.  I’m OK with that.   As I go through the divorce process here, I learned that a BIG reason I rode so much was to escape a bad marriage.

With that no longer being the case, I haven’t ridden much this year.   I need to find my joy of cycling again.   I know it’s in me.   I haven’t wracked up 11,000 miles all in the name of escapism.    I do enjoy cycling.

So, here’s to 2014 and a renewed spirit for me on the bike.


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