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I redeemed myself this year for last year’s poor showing on the bike. I surpassed last year’s total miles last week. Amen. I have no grand plans of any certain number of miles I wish to ride this year. I just ride now when I want and for however long I want to ride now. I truly enjoy just “being” on my bike.

Next year, for 2015 I want to try and ride 5-6 days a week. Even if it’s only for a mile… I just want to get on my bike more.

Seems doable at this point.

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32 Miles

I had an off year of cycling last year. Some major life changes were thrown at me, and my last concern was jumping on my bike and wracking up the miles.

This year it’s different. I’m 32 miles shy of my total miles for last year. That’s a good thing. I’m riding more this year than last. Amen.

I have found the joy in cycling again. I enjoy riding. I don’t do it strictly for exercise.

Life is good. Here’s to 32 more miles to top last year

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Trying to Ride

Schedule here has been crazy. Trying to find time to do a long ride into work and it’s not coming to fruition. Getting frustrated.

I have shower access now here at work, so a long ride in would be ideal. The weather is perfect. Schedule is just nutso-crazy right now.

The shoulder is slowly getting better, but at times I feel like it is a “1 step up, 2 steps back” type healing process.

I will grab a quick ride after work today.

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2 Weeks Ago

mountain-bike-crash-ac-joint2 weeks ago today, I crashed on my mountain bike. My shoulder reminds me pretty much every minute I’m awake of that crash. The bruise on my right hip looks like I took a beating from my waist down to my knee. Fortunately, it looks worse than it feels. It’s my shoulder though that is going to take some time to heal. I’m not the Spring chicken I was when I was in my 20′s. I’m 46 now and I don’t heal like I used to.

I’m still riding, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in any pain.

Today I will head out and do a 10-mile ride (or more), but I will play it safe and stay on a paved trail. The recent rains we’ve had here would make dirt trails too treacherous and they typically tend to be closed on days after a heavy rainfall.

There is a new trail I’ve been dying to try, so I think today will be a good day for it.

Hopefully no crashes today.

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500 Rides Into Work

About 5 years ago, I started riding into work to save a little money… parking is about $6/day where I live. Doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, that’s $30/week…. Multiply that by 46 (I get 6 weeks of vacation a year) and you are now looking at $1,380 a year I can be saving…

Now, I don’t ride in EVERY day, but over the last 5 years I am coming up on 500 days of saving $6/day….


Three GRAND. Yes… that is how much I’ve saved over the last 5 years… Oh, and I’ve also ridden over 3,500 miles into work during that time. Factor in gas… (let’s average $3.20/gallon with a vehicle that gets roughly 21mpg) and I’ve saved an additional $533 in gas….

So, I’m $3,500 richer. (or $3,500 LESS poor). :)

This week (Wednesday to be exact) will be ride #500 into work.

Love my morning commute.


When Is The Last Time You Rode In The Rain?

tumblr_m0y2nrxoVm1rrnybvo1_500This morning. Yep. Commuted to work (part car, part bike ride) like I normally do. I’m not going to let a little rain stop me from enjoying the morning. One of my better rides, actually. I rode slowly and enjoyed the sights, sounds and colors of all the reflections the rain had to offer.

My bike is all setup with fenders (and reflectors) and I had my rain gear pants on and accompanying jacket. I got to work BONE dry.

If you haven’t ridden your bike in the rain recently, go do it. Be a kid again. It’s only water. You won’t melt.

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Just Ride

This is my new philosophy for riding… I have fully embraced it. The miles don’t count… the average doesn’t count. Just the fact I’m ON MY BIKE…

Ya know what? I’m enjoying the CRAP out of my bike and my rides.

Life is good.

I am a cyclist.


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